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La La La Lucy

by Alex Gavaghan

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The LA LA LA Lucy EP is Alex Gavaghan’s latest release on Freaksville Records, following his debut solo album Binman of Love, and showcases his penchant for well-crafted vintage pop with a collection of four superb yet pleasingly different tunes.

The summery title track is a perfect slice of melodic 60s pop with enough chiming guitars, McCartney basslines, and breezy harmonies to please the most hardline of retro aficionados, the stripped bare Lower Me down combines sombre lyrics (a couple of lines stolen from Keats apparently) with an Everly Brothers esque chorus to dazzling affect, Little Wounded Soldier tells the tale of that annoying ex who just won’t go away over a no frills lo-fi 70s punk backing, and Going To Switzerland’s bleak organ drones usher in a pessimistic vision of political disenchantment with a surprisingly uplifting coda to finish.

The EP is packed full of melody and lo fi charm and serves as a fantastic appetiser for Gavaghan’s second album recorded with live band The Boss Jockeys which is set for release in early 2017.


released September 16, 2016

Alex Gavaghan is a songwriter, musician, singer, and producer best known as the lead guitarist in Liverpool garage blues juggernauts The Cubical.

Since recording their first album Come Sing These Crippled Tunes in 2006 with legendary producer Dave Sardy at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, the band have gone on to release three more critically acclaimed studio albums as well as several bootleg and live discs and have become renowned for their wildly energetic live shows.

Gavaghan released his debut solo album Binman of Love through Freaksville Records in 2015 and has gone on to co-write and produce the album Liverpool Ghosts for Belgian artist Mademoiselle Nineteen working alongside the likes of Edgar Jones, Benjamin Schoos, Doriand, Jacques Duvall and many more. A second solo album, recorded with live band The Boss Jockeys, is set for release in early 2017.

Catalog number : FRVM90
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Alex Gavaghan Liverpool, UK

Guitarist with The Cubical. House trained, can eat solids, bought own jumpers, Gas Central Heating, three or four lady owners, comes with own pens (red one leaks), detachable feet for easy storage, needs tuning, pick up only.

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Track Name: Lower Me Down
Lower Me Down
(A couple of lines stolen from Keats)

One sweet day, underneath those gentle trees
That sway and creek in the breeze
I’ll be on my knees
Come fill my thoughts, while the Mayflies around me swoon
My only salvation is you
And I love you true
O Noble creatures and gloomy days pull me under
Come fulfil my wish, with a smile and a kiss
Stop tearing my heart asunder
And lower me down, down, down
Lower me down
Come lower me down, down, down
Lower me down
With the faintest breath, come and kiss me as I sleep
Where no tear will ever again weep
From the shallow to the deep
O I’ll stand guard, and I’ll wait for your passin’ by
From the stingin’ sun in the sky
I’ll hide my eyes
O kindly muse let not my weak heart falter
I’ll atone once again for my original sin
Come slit my throat at the alter
And lower me down, down, down
Lower me down
Come lower me down, down, down
Lower me down
Track Name: Little Wounded Soldier
Little Wounded Soldier

Your little wounded soldier’s on the line
What does he want this time?
A quick translation, your recipe for onion soup
O what an endless pantomime
He started that language course
He saved all his pennies up
He went and sponsored an ailing horse
Rescued a drowning pup
And he’s frothin’ at the mouth
Trippin’ over he pronouns and modals
So very keen to show off
His new vocabulary
Read all those books you said, they’re piled high on the floor
Strategically placed in the photograph
This dreadlocked spawn of Milton Friedman
Your little wounded soldier’s at the door
What does he come here for?
Some little wounded love hound
Offerin’ up his bleeding paw
Underneath his tattooed arm
He carries a tear stained scroll
His little quill scratched soliloquy to his bruised and battered soul
Donated his tatty clothes
To Oxfam and Age Concern
Shore his hair just like you wanted
Practised his mysterious stare
Trapped down there in the courtyard air
Sobbin’ down the intercom
Such a sorry sight in his too tight suit
This Brillcreamed clone of Adam Lallana
Your little wounded soldier’s on the news
Railing against the blues
He’s come over to the other side just like you wanted him to
In his Top Man donkey jacket
Made sure he was at the front
So you can see how much he cares
‘bout disability, IDS and the cuts
He really wants to make a difference
Look, he wrote down his own lines
You can see the integrity
O in his little wounded eyes
Such a forlorn face like Brian May’s
And his dog’s just died on loop
You can’t blame the lad for tryin’
Now back you go to your onion soup son
Your little Wounded Soldier
Your little Wounded Soldier
Your little Wounded Soldier
Track Name: Going To Switzerland
Going To Switzerland

They’re going to Switzerland, love
There’s not much I can do
But I’m not goin’ with them, girl
And neither are you
They’re going to Switzerland, darlin’
To greet their assassins with a smile
And I can’t tear my eyes away
From this grotesque pantomime
We’ve worked too hard on this
Too long on this
To let those fools bash our heads into the ground
Our logic was sound
Just like they found
But they’re still going to Switzerland, love
There’s no convincin’ ‘em now
Like Lemmings on a cliff
The only way is down
I don’t wanna go to Switzerland, darlin’
I didn’t ask for this
As the world goes up in flames
We’re sat drinkin’ our own piss
We’ve come too far on this
Too far for this
But it isn’t over yet because
It still belongs to us
And you’re still here with me
O you’re still here with me
Yeah, you still belong to me