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BLACK AND WHITE DRESS (Alex Gavaghan) SHE'LL make the sun come out (With her black and white dress) Make her rivals pout Floating up the stairs No need to put on airs SMile after sMile She makes all the boys go WILD! WILD! WILD! Gliding down the street Man she looks so neat You can't compete And a smile so sweet The best in town Makes all the boys go WOW! WOW! WOW! The kind o girl Who never goes out of style, YEAH! The jealous looks all around her She don't care what the other people think, NO! See her everyday She never looks my way But that's OK man I still look anyway MAN Smile after smile She makes all the boys go WILD!
GIVE YOUR LOVE TO ME (Alex Gavaghan) I'M having trouble shifting my gaze Though I've developed numerous ways Sitting over here with my loins ablaze GIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVETOME! Oh my resistance is week Those EyEs of yours'd make a eunuch seep Look away girl so I can take a pEEk GIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVETOME! You know I know you know it's just a cursory goodbye With this midday clammy handshake But I'll be dreaming of you when I'm alone tonight I always find a way To get you under my duvet Come on over for a little play GIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVETOME! You don't know that I know I got history on my side I'm willing to use every string in my bow To get to know you better on the inside Gazing at me with your treats anew Bending low with your little see-through There's next to nothing that I wouldn't do So GIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVEOHGIVEYOURLOVETOME!
COULDN’T KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT (Alex Gavaghan) BROKEN in the gloom of this Travelodge room And the generous expenses can’t keep my mind away from what am I to do I COULDN’T KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT! You played the tease and you played it with ease But I wouldn't go as far to say you had me on my knees But PLEASE all the same I COULDN’T KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT! I could've had you girl in the palm of my hand but I let my guard down for a while What care you for me cruel temptress of the sea? I was harpooned and slain by your sMilE I played the fool My strongest role to date Now I hover by the phone and I WAIT WAIT WAIT For my fate! I COULDN’T KEEEEEEEP MY BIIIIIIIG MOUTH SHUT!
NO-ONE IN MY HEART (NO-ONE IN MY MIND) (Alex Gavaghan) WELL IT’S 10:42 and I got nothing to do so I’m just laying here The cars are speeding past in the rain outside my window O! I wish that I could sing about someone that I’m missin’ Someone I’ve been longing for, someone that I’m kissin’ But I can’t. I’ve got no-one in my heart, I’ve got no-one on my mind Walk past the bars and the lovers and the friends are all laughing in there Steam upon the window well I didn't have the heart to show my face in there Fish and chips for one it ain’t no fun And this dusty old bottle o wine Is mine all alone I’ve got no-one in my heart, I’ve got no-one on my mind But I ain’t so lonely, I don’t feel at all blue Just me and my self only But I knew right from the start I had no room left in my heart Well I’ve been know to shed a tear or two But that was years ago Other people to consider, other words had to deliver To feed their ego I could pretend I don't like feeling this way But that would be a lie you know ‘cause things are just OK No no I can’t. I’ve got no-one in my heart, I’ve got no-one on my mind
LA! LA! LA! LUCY (Alex Gavaghan) I KNEW that it was love when she looked me in the eyes And asked me why do all fish self-pluralise? Looking down there at the river What did I see? But a solitary pike staring back at me O well, the shallows in the summer are a good place to feed! LA! LA! LA! Lucy didn’t know LA! LA! LA! Lucy didn’t see LA! LA! LA! Lucy found the whole, whole thing absurd She jumped right into my heart such a lonely, lonely little bird O the Barley Bridge stretch only fifteen foot wide With a bank of bulrushes on the other side Looking down there at the river What did I see? All the pike and the perch were a swimmin’ at my feet And Lucy’s big brown eyes were a turnin’ up the heat LA! LA! LA! Lucy didn’t know LA! LA! LA! Lucy didn’t see LA! LA! LA! Lucy found the whole, whole thing absurd She jumped right into my heart such a lonely, lonely Into my soul such a lonely, lonely Into my heart such a lonely, lonely………… LITTLE BIRD!
Flemish Girl 03:03
FlEMISH GIRL (Alex Gavaghan) Some rainy night in Oostend met a FlEMISH GIRl! Talked about Marvin with the FlEMISH GIRl! I had some good Moules-Frites with the FlEMISH GIRl! I never will forget though I wish I never met her I took a fancy to a Flemish girl She pulled me back to her home I made my escape through the kitchen window Now she just won’t leave me alone Walking in the drizzle with the FlEMISH GIRl! My enthusiasm fizzled for the FlEMISH GIRl! I shared my last Chimay with the FlEMISH GIRl! I didn’t have a car a service station too far She really could scream the little FlEMISH GIRl! An internet dream the little FlEMISH GIRl! But in the flesh and blood the little FlEMISH GIRl! SHE WAS OUT OF HER MIND! She didn’t HALF look fine though! Out in to the street from the FlEMISH GIRl! She did look kind o sweet the little FlEMISH GIRl! But I didn't look back at the FlEMISH GIRl! She was sexually absurd and I was actually quite scared
WAITING FOR YER FANNY (Alex Gavaghan) IT’S the fourth time we’ve circled this roundabout today And the petrol gauge old dear is clicking low It ain’t my first language but I’ve tried my best to say That my saucisson is weeping and my mind is getting slow And in the light O the broken forest light Drinking champagne under pine trees oh so tall Our agenda is jam-packed today And I’ll be waiting for yer Fanny when you call Le Verdon FORMIDABLE! Les Calanques MAGNIFIQUE! But in those translucent waters My heart it felt so weak Those bikini-clad beauties That torturous bare flesh Burnt holes upon my retinas no wank could readdress And in the sun, O the burning summer sun Upon mountain sides so careful not to fall She swam all the way to the other side alone And I’ll be waiting for yer Fanny when you call LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! It’s all about where you've been and what you done today There’s no room for reflection of any kind Old Fanny’s in the water She's flapping about again I got a Leffe Brune in my right hand I got Houellebecq on the brain And on the beach, O the afternoon beach The fishermen bringing in their morning haul I’ll be sitting near the strange Russian family again And I’ll be waiting for yer Fanny when you call
COLOUR IN THE MORNING (Alex Gavaghan) IT took a long time to cross the Atlantic To us eye weary viewers on the other side We invented the thing but the Yanks exploited it The Japanese followed quickly now export worldwide The costs are prohibitively high But Daddy’s been working overtime We’re getting colour in the morning, OH YEAH! We’re getting colour in the morning, OH YEAH! We’re getting colour in the morning, OH YEAH! Any colour, shade or hue From the red, green and blue DOO! DOO! DOO! DOO! DOO! DOO! We may have waited thirteen years But the BBC they bided their time Attenborough got it on the second channel With a complete test of the four different types: Outside broadcast, filmed, taped shows, live studio presentations! The first colour set on our street Who cares if it’s on HP? We’ll show that twat next door How far our money goes! The standard of the shows was higher than expected On the much superior PAL Leave the Yanks to their fuzzy images Lobbying, commercials and SELL! SELL! SELL! Leaning all night on the windowsill For that chrominance signal down from Winter Hill
DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? (Alex Gavaghan) WHAT do hear when you go to bed to bed at night? Does the silence confuse yer? What do you see when you open up your eyes? Does the world bemuse yer? It comes on like a razorblade pillow It gets me in the dead of the night Tried to explain it but the words they never ever come out right Where d’you find the time for all this nonsense? Look at all this space I’m only ever gonna use it in my own subconscious I wish that it would leave me be This separation of the body and the mind But I’m an accommodating man And evidently not too difficult to find You just down know where I’m coming from But I live round here too Won’t you tell me? Tell me DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? I just don't know where your coming from But you live round here too Won’t you tell me? Tell me DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?
OVER THE OVERFLOW (Alex Gavaghan) THEY paint the bridge half green for the ghosts unseen Going OVER THE OVERFLOW! The tears are collecting in my groundbait tin Going OVER THE OVERFLOW! Once there were swans then the speedboats came Going OVER THE OVERFLOW! Despite all the skimmers never made any winners Going OVER THE OVERFLOW! We're going all the way to Widnes baby just watch me Round the bend near the basin where the pipe's up above I'm not being funny you're the only one I love Sat near the fella with the fishing umbrella It's a good winter peg on the swimfeeder Village or not, I really like the stories And the landing stage is showing her age Past the field where Bert Trautmann parried in the War The wild garlic thrives in the hills up above I'm not being funny, you're the only one I love The boys from Windermere are out with the rifle They've been egging all morning now they're on to the hard stuff Warby's field looks delightful in the sunshine Those Sondico gloves'll really last you a life time I can't live 'cause of liars so I go now The dog walkers yapping on the carriage up above I'm not being funny you're the only one I love THE ONLY ONE I LOVE!


English bio:

Alex Gavaghan, guitarist with Liverpool garage-blues nuts The Cubical, returns with his solo follow up to the critically acclaimed Binman of Love (Freaksville, 2015).
Wool Behaviour was recorded with live band The Boss Jockeys in the place were they’ve honed their craft with many a frantic performance, The Caledonia, Liverpool.
The ten tracks were recorded one boozy afternoon in the practice room above the pub, as Gavaghan explains: 
“I like the sound of the drums in that room, very Motowny, so I thought we could build a nice live feel around that. I recorded it all live to 8 tracks, vocals and all.  I kept all the original takes and added overdubs over the top to beef up the sound. It’s raw as f**k but the energy of the band really comes across and the performances are great!”
The result is a fizzing album of raucous Merseybeat Rock n' Roll bubbling over with melody and harmonies but with a distinctly rough edge - “ It's a ballsy little record ” asserts Alex.
Indeed, it’s all over in 28 minutes and tracks such as Black & White Dress, Give Your Love To Me and Couldn't Keep My Big Mouth Shut find singer and band (Steven Rawlinson - bass, Mark Percy - drums, Michel Assier-Andrieu - guitar and Simon James, sax) firing along like men possessed while they bang out two minute (if that) modern classics.
The intensity only really relents for the luscious No-one In My Heart (No-one on My Mind) before picking straight back up again for live favourites La La La Lucy and Flemish Girl.
You get the sense that Gavaghan has been enjoying himself on this one. His flair for 50s and 60s esque songwriting (he recently wrote and produced Belgian yé yé starlet Mademoiselle Nineteen’s new album) is once again evident on his new disc : Buddy Holly, The Drifters, The Beatles, The Kinks, Them, they're all in there. The influences don’t stop at 1968 though; Colour in The Morning is all Pistols guitars and singalong choruses (‘ballsy’ indeed) while album closer Over The Overflow sounds somewhere between Exile on Main Street Stones, T-Rex and The La’s.
In short, good old fashioned rock n' roll from start to finish.
With Wool Behaviour, Alex Gavaghan (and The Boss Jockeys) have taken ten brilliantly crafted songs and spat them out with an attitude and freshness (and a certain Liverpool je ne sais quoi) that is all too rare these days. Moreover, this is one of those albums that could only have been made on Merseyside. There’s definitely something in the water up there. Fantastic stuff.  

Trois ans après le très acclamé Binman of Love (Freaksville, 2015), Alex Gavaghan, guitariste au sein de la formation garage-blues de Liverpool The Cubical, revient avec son nouvel album solo.
Wool Behavior a été enregistré avec The Boss Jockeys, en conditions live, entre les murs du pub The Caledonia, haut lieu de la musique live à Liverpool, où les musiciens ont l’habitude de donner des prestations effrénées. 
Les dix titres ont été enregistrés par un après-midi alcoolisé, dans le local de répétition situé au-dessus du pub.
“J'aime le son de la batterie dans cette pièce très Motown”, explique Alex Gavaghan, “donc j'ai pensé qu’on pourrait créer une belle ambiance autour de ça. Nous avons enregistré les titres en live sur 8 pistes, voix, instruments, etc. J'ai gardé toutes les prises originales et j’ai ajouté des overdubs par dessus pour renforcer le son. C'est brut, l'énergie du groupe se fait vraiment ressentir et les performances sont super !”
Le résultat : un album rock n’ roll sixties, débordant de mélodies et d'harmonies pétillantes, avec un côté rugueux - “ C'est un album audacieux” affirme Alex.
En effet, en 28 minutes et sur des morceaux tels que Black & White Dress,Give Your Love To Me et I Couldn' t Keep My Big Mouth Shut, Alex Gavaghan et son groupe (Steven Rawlinson - basse, Mark Percy - batterie, Michel Assier-Andrieu - guitare et Simon James - sax) dessinent un son uniqueentre mersey side, rétro pop et rock garage anglais.
L'intensité ne diminue vraiment que sur le succulent No-one In My Heart (No-one on My Mind) avant de reprendre de plus belle sur La La La Lucy et Flemish Girl.
L’attirance d’Alex Gavaghan pour les sonorités 50’s et 60’s (il a récemment composé et réalisé le nouvel album de la jeune belge Mademoiselle Nineteen) est une fois de plus évidente sur Wool Behavior.
Buddy Holly, The Drifters, Spector, Bacharach, The Beatles, The Kinks, Them ... toutes ces influences se retrouvent dans l’album qui ne se limite pas uniquement aux inspirations sixties. Sur Colour in The Morning, toutes les guitares Pistols résonnent entourées de refrains aux chœurs singuliers, tandis que Over The Overflow, nous emmène quelque part entre Exile on Main Street des Stones, T-Rex et The La's.
Bref, du bon rock n’ roll à l'ancienne du début à la fin !
Avec Wool Behaviour, Alex Gavaghan (et The Boss Jockeys) produit une dizaine de chansons brillamment arrangées, aux textes habiles et excentriques, et les présente avec une attitude et une fraîcheur (et un certain je-ne-sais-quoi de Liverpool) trop rares de nos jours. Wool Behavior fait partie de ces albums qui n'auraient pas pu être réalisés ailleurs que dans le Merseyside. Il y a définitivement quelque chose de spécial dans les eaux de la Mercey. Quelque chose de fantastique.

"Wool Behaviour is an essential work, containing all the best elements of beat-rock'n'roll" FREAK OUT MAG (Italy)

"Don't miss this fantastic pop bomb called Wool Behaviour!" FOUTRAQUE (France)

"...the 50s and 60s charm is irresistible. Wool Behaviour is the ultimate jukebox, peppered all with the best ingredients of the rock n roll era." UNDERDOG MAG (Germany)

"Fiery tunes of the most brilliant rock n roll. Class" MUZZART (France)

"Recalling the glory days of Merseybeat and Motown...Ten tracks that, one after the other, slide seamlessly together" RUMORE MAG (Italy)

"28 minutes of retro knowhow... the pleasure is assured!" MAGIC (France)


released October 19, 2018

Alex Gavaghan: lead voice, backing vocals, guitar, piano, organ, harmonica, percussion
Mark Percy: drums, backing vocals
Steven Rawlinson: bass, backing vocals
Michel Assier-Andrieu: guitar, backing vocals
Simon James: saxophone

All songs written and produced by Alex Gavaghan

Recorded: upstairs at The Caledonia and somewhere on Rathmore Avenue & Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool

Cover photos / Muse: Marina Barthe Astiarraga.
Sheep courtesy of Rice Lane City Farm, Walton, Liverpool
Graphism : Sophie Goblet/Scalp


all rights reserved



Alex Gavaghan Liverpool, UK

Guitarist with The Cubical. House trained, can eat solids, bought own jumpers, Gas Central Heating, three or four lady owners, comes with own pens (red one leaks), detachable feet for easy storage, needs tuning, pick up only.

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